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Killua Zoldyck

May 1, 2009 - Present

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96th Game [Video]

[Killua Zoldyck is in conspicuously high spirits today. From his toothy grin to the way he holds the PCD at arm's length stretched out in front of him, everything is suspect. Of course, because of the way he's holding the PCD, the scenery behind him can be clearly seen. A quaint stone cottage. Athel Heim to be exact.]

I wonder who could possibly be living in a place like this~? Could it be someone who's going to have to concede total defeat and do whatever I tell them to? I bet it is~.

((ooc: Any attempt to find his PCD's coordinates will reveal that he has tampered with them so that they continuously display his location as the middle of the lake.))

94th Game [Text]


• more chocolate
• squid wrestling
• master a new technique
• baseball w/ watermelons
• mix a potion
• nicknames
• survey the city
• tell rioleo he's late
not be a superhero
• find answers
• fly
• go ho
• get a longer list

93rd Game [Video]

[Killua is fairly subdued. As far as he's concerned, the inevitable countdown has begun.]

I'm going out. See you all Sunday.

Raven, watch Bait and Aizen for me, 'kay?

[Private//Unhackable to Gon]

You're coming with me. Get over here.

92nd Game [Accidental Video]

[Killua is seated comfortably on the ground somewhere in the wastes, his backpack and PCD settled next to him. His attention is not on the now recording PCD, however, which has once again reacted to the electricity in the air. Instead, he is entirely focused on something in between his outstretched hands. That something is small and spherical, about the size of a tennis ball, and glowing a brilliant yellow-white as it buzzes this way and that between Killua's palms. After a moment it suddenly fizzles out, and Killua relaxes his arms before standing up with a smug smirk.

Once he settles into a steady stance, he eagerly holds out his hands again, and this time he summons two of the strange balls of light. Closer inspection reveals that they're fuzzy about the edges and seem to be rotating in place even as they move back and forth. It's as if there are two light bulbs flitting about between his hands, except that the glass, the filaments, they're all missing. It's only the light. Until the spheres get too close for comfort.

With a burst of unexpected, heated energy, the two tennis ball sized lights shoot in opposite directions, forcing Killua to jerk his hands away before they're burnt clean off. One crashes into a rock face while the other sets a good amount of foliage aflame. With an abrupt crash and heavy shaking, the PCD falls off the backpack and shuts down.

90th Game [Video]

[Well, here you are, Adstring. If anyone's been wondering what the brat's been up to since he started yelling at people over the network, now's your chance to find out.

He is relaxing against an old metal bed in an unknown room, one foot on a skateboard casually rolling it back and forth. The room's in fairly decent shape, but the cleaning supplies in the corner imply that this is a new thing. He is, in actuality, making himself quite comfortable on the second floor of Severus Snape's home. Well, having more than one residence to speak of had worked for him before.

Woooooow. All time low.

Prom, huh? I drop off the network a few days, and suddenly this is all you guys have to get excited about? I bet half of you don't even know what it is. That's what makes it so funny. I guess it makes sense though. I always get into the dancing mood after visiting a graveyard too.

But whatever. I found something better.

[He stomps his foot down on one end of the skateboard, and the other end catapults something neatly into his hand. It's a maraschino cherry. There's actually a can of them on the bed.]

Yo, Golden Delicious! It's for you! Now you just have to find someone to pop it!

[He flicks it into the air before catching it by its stem, grinning easily.]

Oh. Yeah, that reminds me. Sorry 'bout the heart thing, Lover Boy. You were just really fucking annoying.

[Click goes the feed.]

89th Game [Accidental Video]

[It's not real. They're just illusions. He knows it. It doesn't change anything when what he's seen has already happened.

He remembers it like it was yesterday. It's been at least a year. That almost unrecognizable form, hacking away at his enemy with his own severed arm. That impossible reassurance, telling Killua it was okay because he was
happy. Happy to be closer to Kite, happy to be mutilated. The ensuing explosion as all of their enemy's lingering nen was wiped out.


When the feed begins, Killua is curled up on the ground, face hiding in his knees as he hugs his legs. The view reveals that there's a gravestone behind him. It's really nothing new at this point. Killua's reaction says otherwise. He doesn't acknowledge the now recording PCD, nor anything in his surroundings. He just keeps muttering under his breath, just keeps shaking his head, just keeps glaring at his knees.

Gon wanted to be closer to Kite. Kite was dead. Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead.

And now so was... No. He had too many things to do. He'd promised. He'd
promised. He didn't break promises. He couldn't. Killua wouldn't let him. Killua would protect him. He'd promised.

He was that idiot's best friend. He wouldn't leave him behind. Never. But if he wasn't dead, where was he? He wasn't here. He hadn't been here for a long time. But he wasn't dead. He wasn't. He couldn't be. He wasn't here. He had to be. He wasn't gone. He couldn't be gone. He'd promised. Killua had promised. They were supposed to be together. Why weren't they together?

Give. Him. Back.

Killua swipes his hand forcefully across the ground, sending his backpack along with the PCD crashing right through the grave marker before skidding to a halt on top of the broken half.

It reads only "Gon Freecss."
[When the message appears on the network, it is anonymous. That, in and of itself, may clue some people in on who might be recording it.

There's no kidnapped stuffed octopus in this video, however. On the screen is nothing but a birdhouse. Pale blue, small in size, symmetrical, a little roughed up but still intact. A bird is perched obliviously on top of it, flitting about in interest. A lot more birds can be heard from somewhere off screen, but that's usual at this time in the morning. ...Right?

A scrap of paper is taped lopsidedly to the birdhouse. It says only, "Told you I'd make it up to you."

Just as a second bird lands, poking around for food, the feed ends.

((ooc: Killua and Snape spent the early morning hours of their day hanging birdhouses from pretty much every spot they could around Solve et Coagula. The birdhouses will keep themselves clean and magically replenish the feed. Enjoy your influx of pretty birds and your inevitable-to-follow bird droppings. They're trying to be nice. Honestly.))

87th Game [Video]

[When the PCD begins recording, Killua holds a finger up to the screen before turning his back to his audience. He is humming all the while, tapping a foot and half-dancing, even twirling himself, as he glides out of view. His humming can still be heard, and while he's out of the shot, the near by open window can now be seen. Two birds are perched atop it, chirping along to the music. After a few seconds, Killua pops back in with a small tray of freshly baked cookies. Each cookie has the words "Make Love, Not War" scrawled on it in icing.

He smiles widely at his audience, pushing a stray strand of pale hair back behind his ear, where a good portion of the usually wild head of hair is held in place by two clips, one sporting a red heart while the other is decorated with a star.

The best way to a person's heart is through their stomach! So c'mon! Who wants one?

[No one can imagine how long he has been hording these ingredients, but anyone who knows him can be sure that this is not what he had planned to do with them.]

((ooc: Please excuse the complete and utter lack of appropriate icons. Appropriate icons for this situation just don't exist.))

86th Game [Video]

[When the feed turns on, Killua is holding a battered soccer ball to the screen.]

The weather's been great, so I thought it might be cool to play a game. Anybody know soccer? I've got two balls, so we can even play with both at the same time if you want more of a challenge. The stadium would be perfect.

[He kicks the ball lightly with his knee, and a happy, energetic zombie dog (Johannes Cabal's to be exact) runs after it.]

So? Any takers?

((ooc: Replies will be made with the account idkmybffgon.))

85th Game [Video]

[Killua is sporting eight lavender tentacles, suckers and all, as he glides out the door of the Gundam building, Bait the electric eel running circles around him as he does so. He turns to the PCD and holds one of those tentacles in front of his lips, hushing his audience before looking back to the open doorway.]

C'mon, hurry up already. Even fish have stomachs, and mine's empty!

This isn't as easy for me, you know! This body is more prone to drifting than swimming...

[Bait moves down out of sight as Kurapica finally floats into view. His midsection is balanced awkwardly over the curved tail end of a seahorse, and if he looks a bit bulkier than usual, it's because there is a pouch separating his two halves.]

So, what? You're gonna stay here and watch Aizen and Bait? [It's almost a whine.]

Where is Bait? I thought-

[But Kurapica doesn't get any farther before Bait answers his question with a loving shock to the blond teen's elbow. His eyes widen, and he jerks away, glaring appalled at the innocent eel who tries to swim toward him again. Suddenly, Killua's not so bothered by how much time Kurapica is taking]

He likes you~

Killua! Are you- [A dodge.] -going to help me- [This time he grabs the offending eel.] -or not!

[And as Bait lets loose another electric shock, quaking Kurapica in all of his seahorse-y glory, Killua chuckles and turns off the PCD in order to pull his pet away from his friend.]


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